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Vanishing Edge Pools



Eight Stories High

Atop the parking garage at The Mosaic Building in Dallas

A one hundred foot long vanishing edge overlooking downtown Dallas.

Concrete cantilever coping, glass tile. Cool Blue Pebble Sheen.

LED lights





Custom Made Marble Coping

Zanger Walker Glass Tile

Custom Made Marble Deck

Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec





Scabos Travertine Coping

2 x 2 Scabos Travertine Tile

Colored Salt Finish Decking

Blue Plaster







Acid Stained Concrete Cantilever Coping

Blue Glass Tile

Acid Stained Salt Finish Decking

Blue Plaster

Fountains Around Spa







Lueders Coping

6 x 6 Azzuro Waterline Tile

Small Ozark Hand Seeded Aggregate Decking

Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec







Travertine Double Bullnose Coping

6 x 6 Casa Blanca Cream Tile

With 3 x 3 Royal Blue Trim

Colored Broom Finish Concrete

With 2' x 2' Scored Lines

Travertive Tile Boarder

Ocean Blue Pebble Sheen